Jones 563 User Manual

I scanned in the Jones 563 manual and it can be downloaded below.  The manual I got was supplied without a front cover and back cover so I’ve invented replacements.  Notice the manual is generic – no machine badges are shown in any of the illustrations, allowing the same manual to be used with different badges for the same machine – common with Japanese machines of this period.  There are a couple of typo’s that must have crept in during translation.  Corrections made to these by hand.

563 cover



  1. This is awesome. Thank you for doing this. We have had this sewing machine in our garage since my mum passed away in 2008. Just got it out to cleaning up and use it and your manual has helped us immensely!


    • Glad you found the manual useful and I hope your machine goes OK. A garage is not a great place to store a sewing machine though – I’m sure your machine would prefer a nice, warm places to be stored!


      • It was in a kitchen cupboard in the back of the garage (more of a utility room really). I’ve cleaned the whole thing up, plugged it in, it lights up nicely, but when I push the pedal it blows the trip!


  2. Perfect! I have purchased and installed the motor as suggested, and my wife is now happily sowing away making face masks for the kids and the rest of us. My mum passed away in 2008, and thinking back I honestly don’t think the machine has been used since the mid to late eighties. It is, however, working perfectly! If I hadn’t found your blog it would still be languishing in the cupboard in the garage.



  3. Mal,

    Thanks for those kind words. I’m sorry about your mum but very glad you got the machine back up and running. It’s a great machine and with that new motor is good for another 30 years at least – unless you’re sewing masks all day every day!

    I think this kind of thing shows a great benefit of the internet – I’ve got most of my knowledge about sewing machines from other people sharing their experiences – and I’ve been able to pass a little bit on myself. It’s great!


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